voter education guide

From one gen-z to another

(or for those Millennials that are also just as confused on what to do, but are too embarrassed to ask.)



How do I register to vote?

Step 1

Visit the official state website, Service Arizona.

Step 2

Select your language preference, then click
“Begin/Update Voter Registration”.

Step 3

Follow the steps, entering your personal information to verify your voter eligibility.

Step 4

After verification, enter your address information.

Step 5

Select your party preference and either print or email your voter registration receipt.

Step 6

Check out our What’s On The Line and Get Loud pages for more info, then GO OUT AND VOTE!

What is a Primary election?

The purpose of a primary election is to narrow the field of candidates for a given elective office or to determine the nominees for political parties in advance of a general election. Primaries happen several months before a general election. You are not required to vote in primaries, but it is highly recommended as it influences the final candidates that will be eligible to run for the general election.

Do I have to fill out my whole ballot for it to still count?

You don’t have to fill out your whole ballot for it to still be valid. It is highly encouraged that you do fill out the whole ballot, but it is not necessary.

Are there any services available for voters with disabilities?

Voters can request a braille or large print ballot online or by calling (602) 506-1511

If you’d like to vote in person, you may request an accessible voting device to cast your ballot at the voting location until 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Arizona offers these services:
  • Full color, contrast, and black and white ballots
  • Audio descriptions of the ballot Touch screens
  • Touch pads with Braille and impressions on keys
  • Sip and puff technology
  • English and Spanish language as well as large print options
  • Poll workers are also available to assist voters with filling out their ballot
  • Find your nearest voting location

What races are on the ballot?

  • U.S. Senate – 1 of 2 seats
  • Governor
  • State Executives (Attorney General, Secretary of State and more)
By District
  • State Senate – All 30 seats
  • State House – All 60 seats
  • U.S. House – All 9 seats

I’m not going to be in town for the general election, how can I still vote? What if I work on Election Day?

If you find yourself needing to request an early ballot, go to the official Secretary of State’s office Voter Information Portal to request a ballot-by-mail.

If you work, guess what, employers are required to grant three hours of paid leave to vote, unless polls are open three hours before or after work shift. Employees must request leave before Election Day, and the employer may specify the hours that the employee can be absent from work. Sometimes life makes it hard to vote in person, to make it easier on you we recommend voting by mail.