Gun control
More Americans died from gun-related injuries in 2020 than any other year on record. As of June 2022, the number already approached nearly half of 2020’s.
Women's Rights
Evidence shows that restricting access to abortions does not reduce the number of abortions.
Econonomy / INflation
Inflation reached the highest level since 1981.
DACA has protected as many as 23,000 recipients in AZ and over 800,000 across the nation.
On any given night, there are 7,419 unhoused people in Maricopa County.
From school safety to student loan debt and teacher shortages and to school funding, there are concerns coming from every corner of American classrooms.
Local INfrastructure
Arizona is one of the fasting growing states in the county and, to keep up the quality of life for the growing cities, infrastructure will be a key issue.
Equality / Inclusion
Generation Z votes for issues that concern their friends, family, communities, and for the future generations that are yet to come.
Get ballot ready
Research the candidates and all the measures relevant to your district.